Special Reports

Showing respect, sharing emotions

In the week since Mount Rainier National Park ranger Margaret Anderson was killed, the people of Eatonville have left messages for her family on a poster in the town hall and on cards they wrote at the vigil they held for her. Here is a sampling of their respect for her and their wishes for her family:

 • “Such a beautiful smile for a beautiful person.” – the Bush Family.

 • “I don’t personally know this wife, daughter or mom, but my aunt and uncle met her, and by their account, she was a lovely woman,” wrote a person whose signature was obscured. “I’m usually too jaded to be bothered to pray, but SHE is worth it, so I will.”

 • “Dear The Anderson Family, I am very sad about your Margaret. I hope you all feel better soon about what happened. I’m sorry to her friends, dad, mom, kids and husband. I feel bad for you guys, and sorry about what happened.” – Amanda Banford, 10, Eatonville.

 • “Margaret’s children, I want to leave words you can look back on for comfort in the future. Maybe something wise like, ‘Don’t do anything in your life that you would be ashamed to tell your mom.’ I thank and love Margaret for choosing to be a ranger, and that we were lucky enough she loved our land and our mountain. Thank you for caring about all of us, Margaret. Light, love, peace and soul. Freedom, truth, beauty, wisdom.” – Patricia Dotlich, 57, of Tacoma and Alder.

 • “Anderson Family, As a mother, I was touched by this tragic event. I will pray for your children. Memories kept alive will be your saving grace. May God protect you and give you peace.” – Pam Paulsen, 50, Eatonville.

 • “Words cannot express the sorrow we feel for you at this time. God bless.” – Jesse and Jennifer and family.

Kathleen Merryman, staff writer