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In Memory: Margaret Anderson

Remembrances, tributes and messages in honor of National Park Service ranger Margaret Anderson. These digital clips were gathered by The News Tribune using the digital tool storify.

“Beautiful memorial service. Made me proud of America. Margaret Anderson set an example for all to follow. #RangerMargaret


“Sincerest thanks to #RangerMargaret for her commitment and bravery. Our condolences are with her family, friends and colleagues.

Combined Fund Drive

“RIP #RangerMargaret

Ashley Nicole

“Rest in Peace #RangerMargaret


“Wasn’t able to join my former coworkers in heading to #RangerMargaret’s memorial service. But I’d like to say, rest in peace.

Christopher S.

“Terrible, tragic loss … my thoughts are with the staff of @MountRainierNPS. Ranger Anderson gave her life protecting our national heritage.

Travis Mason-Bushman

“Today in honor of Ranger Margaret Anderson the road from Longmire to Paradise will be closed until tomorrow morning. - ewm


“I am glad this great Lady is getting the recognition she is. She deserves ALL of it and MORE!!! Thank You for your service and sacrifice. Rest Peacefully, Hero!!

Jen Montgomery Atkins

“is thinking of Margaret Anderson and her family tonight and all those law enforcement, rangers, EMT who died already this year. God give strength to their loved ones and wrap loving arms around them all.

Brenda Mayberry

“@MountRainierNPS Thank you for everything you have do & have done for us. Our thoughts & prayers are with you and Ranger Anderson, + family.

Mike Moore

“Martha and I attended a candlelight vigil in Eatonville for Park Ranger Margaret Anderson this evening. It is sad, so very sad that this officer was killed by someone who’s name she didn’t even know, or who didn’t know her name. She was killed not because of who she was, but what she was. Our hearts and prayers are with her family. The only good I see in this is that “the Mountain” she loved took care of this sorry soul that took her life. God Bless and protect our soldiers, police officers, firefighters and EMTs that work to protect us and help us in our time of need.

Dan Lynch

“@MountRainierNPS We mourn the passing of Ranger Margaret Anderson and offer condolences to her family @NatlParkService @Interior

Natl Park Foundation

“Going up to @MountRainierNPS to do some snowshoeing and pay our respects to the fallen ranger. #MORA

Chris Wukasch

“@MountRainierNPS Our sincere condolences to our friends and colleagues @ MORA Best personal regards and wishing you peace

Michael DeGrosky

“@hapesjr Because of her sacrifice I live. First a hero, now an angel. RIP #margaret anderson

Amy Haskins Williams