Weather News

Summer comes early: Highs in the 70s headed for the South Sound this week

Snow drifts and frozen sidewalks will be just a distant memory on Monday when a week of temperatures in the 70s descends on the South Sound.

The broiler gets set on high come Thursday and Friday with highs of 77 degrees expected.

The warm-up begins on Monday and Tuesday with a forecast of sun and a high of 71 degrees. The temperature inches up just one notch to 72 on Wednesday.

Lows will be 50-53 degrees during the week. Clouds will be few.

With warm weather tempting swimmers, authorities remind the public that lakes and rivers are still very cold — some fed by glacial melt — and to exercise caution. Hypothermia can occur in minutes.

May is not too soon for some of the South Sound’s paler residents to get a nasty sunburn if not properly lathered in sunscreen. Skin cancer is the most common cancer in the U.S., according to the National Cancer Institute.

Knowing your skin cancer risk factors is key, experts say, but so is prevention. That includes sunscreen and clothing that inhibits sun exposure.