Washington only state with below average temps in February


Did February feel wetter and colder than usual?

It wasn’t your imagination.

The National Centers for Environmental Information released data Wednesday showing that last month was the second-warmest February in the United States, but Washington got below-average temperatures and was wetter than usual.

Here’s what you should know:

▪ 39 states had warmer-than-usual temps and 16 had record warm temps. Washington is the only state with lower-than-normal temps.

▪ 11,743 daily high temperature records were set or tied, compared with 418 daily low records.

▪ Five states were much wetter than usual — Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming.

▪ The warmest February in 123 years of keeping records was 1954 at 41.4 degrees. Last month’s average temp in the contiguous United States was 41.2.

A full report is expected to be released Monday.

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