The longest warm, dry spell in 8 months is almost here

Sun rises over McNeil Island on April 20 in Longbranch.
Sun rises over McNeil Island on April 20 in Longbranch.

There’s bad weather news, and there’s good weather news.

The bad, which won’t surprise you: May is the fourth month in a row with more rain than usual.

Seattle-Tacoma International Airport has recorded 1.95 inches so far this month, scooting past the usual monthly May total of 1.94 inches.

Let’s not forget: It’s barely halfway through the month. We also are inching closer to being the wettest first five months of the year.

The record of 26.90 inches was set in 1972. We were at 26.68 as of Tuesday, according to the National Weather Service.

Now, finally, for some good weather news.

Wednesday (May 17) will kick off the longest dry spell since September, with a week of dryness and higher-than-usual temperatures.

Cliff Mass, a University of Washington meteorologist, put it this way, “But then, the long-awaited miracle occurs. And the spigot turns off and stays off.”

Temperatures are expected to start rising Friday and stay in the low to mid-70s through at least Monday.

In the meantime, snow levels are dropping to 3,500 feet and the mountains are getting dumped on for this time of year.

Paradise in Mount Rainier National Park picked up 5 inches Tuesday morning, and White Pass recorded 4 inches.