Goodbye sun, hello snow (maybe)

The dry and sunny weather that has brightened a month that is more typically wet and stormy will continue through Thanksgiving, forecasters said.

But the weather will change this weekend, ending with a chance of lowland snow.

The National Weather Service expects a cooler, wetter pattern Friday and Saturday that will bring heavy snow to the mountains by Sunday evening and Monday. Driving over the Cascade passes might be difficult. Travelers are advised to cross the passes Saturday.

The snow level will lower to 2,000 feet Sunday evening and drop to near sea level by Monday.

Before then, expect a mostly cloudy day for Thanksgiving and cloudy night, with a low about 39 in Tacoma, forecasters said.

The chance of rain increases to 30 percent for Friday and 40 percent Friday night, with temperatures in the 40s.

Rain is likely Saturday and Sunday.

The cool weather begins Sunday night with a low near freezing. A low of 29 is forecast for Monday night in Tacoma.

And, can we believe that “snow likely” forecast for Monday?

“It’s still pretty far out,” forecaster Johnny Burg said Wednesday, adding that the area could see a snow-rain mix on Monday with light accumulations of snow.

However, Burg stressed that people should keep up with forecasts in the next few days.