The five spot: 5 specialized Washington Halloween treats

From the Editorial Board

Five kinds of candy for five kinds of grownups this Halloween.


1 Bazooka Joe gum: For soldiers in JBLM’s 94th Field Artillery Regiment. Welcome home from the Middle East!


2 $100,000 Bars: For the Washington Legislature. Each one will cover your daily fine for violating state Supreme Court orders.


3 Laffy Taffy: For Tacoma officials pushing to go “all in” on the Click Cable system. You must be joking with your plan for massive utility subsidies to make Click competitive. (See also: Snickers.)


4 Now and Later: For Pierce County election officials. Can you please make up your minds and tell us when we should mail our ballots?


5 Sugar Daddies: For Washington political donors including Steve Ballmer, Paul Allen and Nick Hanauer. All the election-year Sugar Babies are forever indebted to you.


Bonus “six spot” for online readers:

6 Pop Rocks and Red Hots: For safety engineers working on PSE’s proposed Port of Tacoma liquid-natural gas plant. (See also: Atomic Fireballs.)