The Five Spot: 5 shows we’d pay to see on Tacoma Click system

From the Editorial Board

Five exclusive programs coming soon (we hope) to Tacoma’s Click Cable TV.


1 “House of Cards.” There’s ambition, arm twisting and public subsidies galore in this saga of a municipal telecom system that started from nothing. How long until it all falls down?


2 “Suits.” Attorneys earning $425 an hour are the big winners in this legal drama about a long fight over the future of a local cable TV operation. These lawyers are “all in,” baby!


3 “Desperate Housewives.” Facing a 31-day blackout of their favorite channel due to a cable rate-hike dispute, several bored spouses get off the couch. Rollicking adventures ensue.


4 “Kill Bill, Vol. 3.” A swashbuckling tale of local cable and broadband internet crusaders determined to get rid of the dastardly public utility boss. This time, it’s personal.


5 “The Walking Dead.” Zombie apocalypse arrives after accident at city’s new liquefied natural gas plant; survivors band together behind walls of Fort Nisqually at Point Defiance Park.