The Five Spot: 5 warnings against robbing a Tacoma Girl Scout

Five reasons why it’s a bad idea to try robbing a Girl Scout selling cookies in Tacoma.

1 No U.S. city is more fiercely protective of its blue-collar and green-sash workers.

2 In a fate once reserved for killers, your name, photo and court appearances will be published in the daily newspaper over several days.

3 Part of the Girl Scout Law is to be “courageous and strong.” The Girl Scout Robber’s Pledge? To turn tail and run away.

4 Never get between a Tacoma Girl Scout, her mom and their cookies; as with a grizzly bear and her cub, it’s advisable to lie down and play dead.

5 Good luck trying to get a job, find a girlfriend or buy a box of Thin Mints in this town ever again.