Five reactions to Tacoma-Seattle home price plunge

This week’s Five Spot — Five ways homeowners might react to news that house prices fell faster in the Pierce-King-Snohomish metro area than anywhere in the U.S. during the past few months.

1 Panic. Call your Realtor, scream “the end is near, I’m moving to Ellensburg!” and insist she take all necessary measures to sell your home by Christmas.

2 Relax. Accept that it’s an inevitable correction in a hyperinflated market, sit down with a glass of scotch and cue up the classic rock tune “Spinning Wheel” on your iPod. (“What goes up, must come down ...”)

3 Set your property apart by boosting curb appeal. Try a fresh coat of paint, lawn gnomes or giant letters spelling “HELLO. HOW ARE YOU?” in your front yard.

4 Find someone to blame. Candidates include President Trump, Gov. Inslee, the Seattle City Council, Amazon and God.

5 Be glad you live in Pierce County. Home prices dropped less here than up north, and compared with a year ago they’re still up 11.2 percent. Plus, McMenamins opens in April.