China leader Xi Jinping could use a pick-me-up, and Tacoma’s the place for it (again). Here are five reasons why

In this week’s Five Spot column — Five reasons Chinese President Xi Jinping, beset by a trade war and lots of other headaches, might want to make an encore visit to Tacoma.

1. That superstar welcome at Lincoln High School in September 2015 was something special. Nothing warms the heart of a communist autocrat like being fawned over by a bunch of American teenagers and a mayor.

2. Former Port of Tacoma Commissioner Connie Bacon could serve him a nice meal, like in 1993 when Xi visited Tacoma as a junior party official. This time, maybe he’ll be brave enough to try her spaghetti.

3. He could bring several extra suitcases and fill them with yummy tariff-free Washington apples.

4. He’d enjoy a VIP tour of the Northwest Detention ... er, Processing ... Center. The $1-a-day work program makes Chinese factories seem generous by comparison.

5. He wouldn’t have to worry about another “Fight for Freedom. Stand with Hong Kong” tweet by some dissident NBA executive. Because we still don’t have an NBA team.