TNT endorsements at a glance - Our Editorial Board’s choices for November 2019 general election

Here are The News Tribune Editorial Board’s picks for several key election contests and ballot measures on the Nov. 5, 2019 general election ballot. The links below will take you to our full-length endorsements previously published online and in print.

Endorsements were reached by consensus of the six-member Editorial Board after we heard directly from candidates and measure advocates this summer and fall. Independent research also informed our choices, as well as years of experience closely following local and state issues.

The list is by no means exhaustive. We trust voters in smaller Pierce County communities will use the voters pamphlet and other reputable sources to learn as much as they can during this local election year.

* Port of Tacoma Commission: Deanna Keller (Pos. 3); Kristin Ang (Pos. 5)

* Tacoma City Council: John Hines (Pos. 1); Keith Blocker (Pos. 3); Conor McCarthy (Pos. 7); Kristina Walker (Pos. 8)

* Tacoma School Board: Lisa Keating (Pos. 1); Enrique Leon (Pos. 2)

* Lakewood City Council: Linda Farmer (Pos. 6); Paul Bocchi (Pos. 7)

* Puyallup City Council: Curtis Thiel (Dist. 1); John Palmer (Dist. 2); Ned Witting (Dist. 3); Heather Shadko (at-large)*

* Puyallup School Bond: Yes

* Washington Initiative 976 ($30 car tabs): No

* Washington Referendum 88 (affirmative action): Yes

* Washington Senate Joint Resolution 8200 (emergency planning): Yes

TNT Editorial Board members include:

Matt Misterek, editorial page editor; Karen Irwin, editorial writer; Dale Phelps, News Tribune editor; Rebecca Poynter, News Tribune publisher; Matt Driscoll, local news columnist; and Pamela Transue, community representative during election season and president emeritus of Tacoma Community College.