IRAN: Deal is better than war or status quo

With the pro-Netanyahu lobby spending $40 million to stir up opposition to the Iran nuclear deal, it’s not surprising to see a letter like the one insisting that our senators “need to oppose the deal” (TNT, 8-19).

While far from perfect, the deal is better than war or the status quo. It is supported by many top security experts in the U.S. and Israel; by nuclear experts; by 90 nations; by 54 percent of the American public; and by 60 percent of Jewish Americans, including the younger Jewish organizations like J Street and Jewish Voice for Peace as well as by some of the “old guard” of the longtime Jewish organizations.

The deal is officially opposed by Israel, a few Democratic senators and the GOP-controlled Congress.

Experts say if Congress scuttles the deal, Iran will grow closer to having a nuclear bomb. And Treasury Secretary Jack Lew says that congressional rejection of the deal would likely devastate America’s economy.

Kudos to Congressman Denny Heck for his recent announcement to support the deal. For the sake of America and the rest of the world, let’s hope we hear similar announcements from our senators and other representatives.