The five spot: 5 initiative ideas for Eyman

From the editorial board

Five initiatives that Tim Eyman hasn’t thought of, yet:


1. All new tax increases will be limited to one hour per week (effective 1:45 to 2:45 a.m., every Thursday), unless approved by a public vote.


2. Raising taxes will henceforth require not merely a majority vote of the Legislature, or even a two-thirds vote (a supermajority), but rather an eight-ninths vote (a super-duper majority).


3. Pass amendment eliminating single-subject rule in state constitution, on the grounds it discriminates against people with attention deficit disorder. Also, replace all red-light cameras with red-light espresso machines, and all tolls with lollipops.


4. Change the official state song from "Washington, My Home" by Helen Davis to "Taxman" by the Beatles.


5. Bring back $30 car tabs, 99-cent-a-gallon gas, fuzzy dice and the Chevy El Camino.