Letters to the Editor

Climate Change: Vote yes on I-732

We know climate change is a serious problem, but many of us feel there is not much we can do. However, this election you can do something significant by voting yes on Initiative-732. I-732 is a grassroots, bi-partisan initiative that will curb greenhouse gases and cut taxes.

Like many bi-partisan initiatives, this one has critics on the left and right. But the idea is clear and simple: let’s lower taxes on things we do want - a stronger economy, and increase taxes on what we don’t - more carbon pollution from large companies. British Columbia enacted the same “revenue neutral” carbon tax in 2008 and it has remained popular to this day.

I-732 simply switches a small portion of our statewide sales tax (1%) for a modest carbon tax. While you will pay a little more at the gas pump, you’ll benefit from a 1% decrease in the state sales tax and pay less for goods such as clothes, restaurant dinners, and a new car.

There are few issues as important as how we leave our planet and its climate to our children. Let’s send a message to Washington D.C. that Washington State is serious about solving the climate change problem.