Letters to the Editor

Mental health: Life is worth fractional tax hike

Re: “No more study, it’s time to adopt mental health tax,” (TNT viewpoint, 10/23).

People with mental illness deserve access to treatment and services the same as any other individual deserves to have treatment for cancer or another kind of illness.

If we had a loved one with cancer, and they had to wait months for treatment, we would be outraged and demand change. If we had a heart attack and were forced to wait for a bed because no beds were available, we could potentially lose our life as we waited, and we would demand change.

Mental illness can be just as deadly. I know because I lost my 17 year old son to suicide while he was waiting for care. Those with mental illness are valuable people, who with proper treatment can lead a productive and successful life. We have to stop treating people with a medical brain illness like second-class citizens and throwaway people.

Human life is priceless. A .01-percent tax is nothing to save a life and provide timely and proper medical care. The Pierce County Council needs to vote yes for this tax.