Letters to the Editor

Election: Democrats, quit the blame game

Dear Democrats, I understand you didn’t want this outcome. Neither did I. At some point, though, you have to quit blaming others and take a look at yourselves.

You nominated a deeply flawed establishment politician in exactly the wrong election for establishment politics. You knew that, but you didn’t think it would matter. You misread the Bernie appeal, you ostracized Trump voters, and you made this election “us vs. them.”

Democrats have to look inward. We need to seek out those on the other side of the aisle and find out what connects us. Issues like lobbyist influence on Congress, term limits for politicians, bridging the income gap, jobs for the middle-class, and equal opportunity for all Americans.

What you can’t do is blame everyone else. Fix your party, make it about the people, and win elections. Just don’t do it from your house. To impact government you actually have to show up.