Letters to the Editor

Liberals: They have their own ‘alternative facts’

Re: “Trump wages running war against the truth” (TNT, 1/26).

Leonard Pitts takes President Trump and crew to task about facts. Good for Pitts, though sticking to the facts to shed light on truth should be something we can take for granted about journalism. Likewise we might expect journalists like Pitts to decry leaders and politicians when they deviate from the laws of the land. Finally, the public should find nothing controversial in Pitts and others arguing for using science to help us understand the world around us.

So with those assumptions in mind, I wonder why much of the media is less-than-assertive about questioning the “sanctuary cities” movement. I have yet to hear any interviewer ask elected officials if all immigration is equal or if laws about citizenship are defunct.

And on the scientific front, I wonder how “transgender” advocates explain exactly how, in scientific terms, a man can become a woman. I’d like to hear how a male can have his chromosomes changed or how a woman can gain male sexual organs, and I’d like to hear that explained via science. After all, facts, law, and science are how we are supposed to ascertain truth, right?