Letters to the Editor

Refugees: Timing of order adds insult to injury

President Trump’s executive order blocking all immigrants from seven countries isn’t explicitly a ban on people of a particular religious faith, but its effects are undeniable. This order, with its massive implications for refugees fleeing hatred, bigotry and war, was signed on Holocaust Remembrance Day.

This makes our country look like we’re actively trying to be Nazis. Why would anyone sign this order on this day when it looks so terrible for us?

Steve Bannon, the former head of “alt-right” website Brietbart, is well-known as a propagandist, and is a close adviser to Trump. The timing of this executive order shows that Bannon is obviously running things from behind the scenes now. It only benefits him to add insult to injury while firing up his narrow base of extremists with racial hatred.

All well-meaning people who wanted to give the Trump administration a chance must admit what is going on before our country is taken over by the people pulling on Trump’s strings. Republicans, that means you!