Letters to the Editor

Liberals: They tolerate views and weigh evidence

Re: “White male concerns valid,” (TNT letter, 2/5).

It is tough these days to be a liberal as the word is defined in Webster’s dictionary. It requires open mindedness and tolerating different views, but not lies.

For example, it is a lie that the women’s march excluded men. Hundreds of thousands of men marched across our globe, and men spoke as well. It is a lie that the election result is explained by “straight, white, middle class, working households” and that this America’s “core” demographic. The “core” of America is in fact no central demographic.

The challenge of being a liberal is that facts and their explanations are complicated. Be it global warming, the economics of stagnated upward mobility, income inequality, benefits of single-payer healthcare or transgender identity. Explaining facts now makes one “elite.”

In 1975, my zoology professor gave two lectures on transgender behavior across all animal species, with transgender defined only by behavioral observation. Now we have self-reported, behavioral observation and clear scientific facts explaining what it is to be transgender.

So, conservatives, explain what a Christian is? Behavioral observation and self reporting ain’t working for me, and science cannot help.