Letters to the Editor

Trump: Memories of old dictatorships resonate

Elements of the Cold War and World War II have merged into the present. President Donald Trump’s executive orders smack of old dictatorships. Adolf Hitler used his Brown Shirts, while Trump uses Steve Bannon and the rest of his selected cronies.

As a kid, my buddies and I went to the movies where the newsreels delivered scenes of the war, including rants by Mussolini and Hitler. I was young but felt the terror of anti-Semitism.

Our democracy remains strong as American citizens hold fast to their hope and expectations of government leaders. We expect them to uphold American values and protect our Constitution. That’s what America is, has always been and will always be.

My hope is for the best of humanity from Sen. John McCain and other Republicans to lead, not follow all that Trump believes and espouses from his Twitter mouth and Bannon’s alternative facts.