Letters to the Editor

Sex education: Make it thorough and mandatory

Sex is an important part of being a human and it’s a shame that so many misconceptions surround it. I believe this begins at a young age, before adulthood.

To me, states that teach abstinence-only sex ed aren’t teaching anything of much value. Teens are going to have sex anyway, so they might as well be taught to have safe sex. I was taught abstinence-only in my school, and I really wish I wouldn’t have. There are a lot of things I was confused about and had to find the answer without any help.

I also believe that in the information age, sex education should be taught more in depth to children at a younger age. Elementary schoolers have access to lots of information on the internet, and this leads to assumptions about sex, which in turn leads to misinformation.

I believe it would be beneficial to all to have more in-depth sex ed and to become mandatory in all states.