Letters to the Editor

Media bias: Power of press must be used more wisely

Re: “3 reasons Trump loves to hate the media,” (TNT, 2/23).

Columnist Robert Samuelson admits to a personal and media-wide liberal bias. He even seems proud to be part of an effort to find an impeachable offense by President Trump. Why then, would he be surprised by the attack from Trump or by the lack of confidence by readers and viewers?

I believe individuals should be primarily committed to and loyal to the truth rather than parties or individuals. To do that effectively, we desperately need accurate, unbiased information. The media is a powerful source of influence, and I feel they have an obligation to provide that information.

Trump and all politicians need to be held accountable, and we depend on the media to help. However, credibility is lost when there seems to be no effort to find and expose truth but rather to defend your bias.

I would hate to find myself on the wrong side of an issue due to exposure only to views that agree with mine.