Letters to the Editor

Federal budget: Keep funding humanities education

Re: “Museum directors decry feared cuts to national arts agencies,” (TNT, 2/25).

I see that Republicans in Congress plan to eliminate the National Endowment for the Humanities from the federal budget. Overall the NEH budget comprises about 1/21,000th of the federal budget, a drop in the ocean of all federal spending.

Cutting it would save a relatively miniscule amount of money, but at a huge cost to high quality teacher professional development that the NEH has and will continue to provide.

As a classroom teacher, I can attest to how NEH offerings for teachers benefit students across America. These seminars bring together driven and dedicated teachers who study under academic experts and create classroom curriculum that benefits student learning and love for American history.

NEH offerings have been the best professional development I have attended, bar none. In a time when our country demands highly trained and academically engaging teachers, the NEH is more important than ever.

I urge readers to contact their congressional delegation and demand they support the National Endowment for the Humanities.