Letters to the Editor

Unions: Millionaires try to break labor movement

Sen. Dino Rossi’s bill to strip unions of the right to contribute to gubernatorial candidates has passed the Washington Senate. The focus must shift to House Bill 1891.

These bills are another attempt by billionaires to break unions. Look at the two people who testified in favor of Rossi’s bill. Erin Shannon spoke for the Washington Policy Center (WPC), a member of the far-right anti-union State Policy Network (SPN), which is funded by millionaires and corporations.

The other person to speak was Jami Lund from the Freedom Foundation. This anti-worker group is also a member of the SPN. Both the WPC and the Freedom Foundation have ties to the American Legislative Exchange Council. ALEC tailors bills for rich contributors, then sends those bills to Republicans in state legislatures around the country for the benefit of their oligarch masters.

If Rossi were concerned with removing corruption from state politics, he would sponsor a bill advocating for strict public financing of elections and requiring political issue ads to fully disclose all contributors.

To cry for the removal of unions from the political process at the behest of millionaires is the epitome of hypocrisy.