Letters to the Editor

County council: Different job--Same old Pam Roach

I went to the last Pierce County Council meeting on April 18th and was disgusted with the attitude of new Council Member Pam Roach. Her arrogance and temper got her barred (twice) from the Republican caucus in the state Legislature for “anger issues” and abusing staff. Apparently, she learned nothing.

I watched her badger a small organic farmer, Yanah Cook, who was attempting to testify for the proposed ARL (Agricultural Resource Lands) designation, a study the county taxpayers paid $250,000 for; however, the only thing Pam Roach cared about was which political party Cook belongs to. Since Cook is a Democrat, apparently her testimony didn’t count. The study didn’t count either, as Roach voted with three other council members to once again kill any attempt to save small farmers and their lands in Pierce County.

Small farmers should remember this vote come election time. We really need to follow the example of the legislature and make Pierce County a Roach-free zone.