Letters to the Editor

State Republicans: Quit planning for a shutdown

At the recent Cascade Conference, state Republicans saw themselves as a national example, reaching across the aisle and achieving practical solutions. But they were popping the cork before making our state budget whole.

They’re already wasting a shameful amount of resources by forcing government agencies to prepare for a shutdown.

I work for the Department of Corrections, and I see every day in Pierce County the trepidation caused by issues such as the growing housing crisis. This uncertainty strikes everyone from the elderly to our youth.

When I served in the Marine Corps, we learned from the beginning that ideas may be the start of the fight, but the reason you win is the people you fight with. Senate Republicans need to work with House Democrats on the budget, or they’re not doing their job. It’s that simple.

People disagree on the best way to spend taxpayer money. Fine. But Republicans are failing as leaders because they refuse to do their jobs. They should start.