Letters to the Editor

School breakfast: A chance for more shaming

Re: “Give students breakfast, and no shaming,” (TNT editorial, 6/6).

It was surprising to read about The News Tribune editors’ concern about “lunch-shaming” (for unpaid cafeteria bills). The same editorial board then turns right around and supports a bill (HB 1508) that proposes “Breakfast after the Bell,” which would surely lead to “breakfast shaming,” which the board decries.

How would this happen? According to the bill, a cart could be wheeled into the classroom after classes begin. Students eligible for these meals would not only come from “food-insecure households” but from “time-insecure households” as well, because parents do not make sure their kids get to school on time to get their cafeteria breakfast.

Who would want to be one of only a few students who would get breakfast delivered to them in class, while their classmates look on? Talk about an opportunity for “breakfast-shaming.”

When will we demand more responsibility and accountability from parents? I’m sure some students come to school tired because of poor sleep habits, and we know students cannot learn properly when they are sleep-deprived.

Is our next step to provide “sleep rooms” for students who come from “sleep-insecure households” so we can make sure all students have gotten a full eight hours of sleep?