Letters to the Editor

Democrats: No lack of signs they've come unhinged

Gig Harbor

Has the left become completely unhinged? Let’s look at the events of the past year to answer this question.

It started with the left disrupting Donald Trump’s campaign rallies; continued with riots on Inauguration day; continued by not allowing opposing view speeches on college campuses; and continued further with Democrats in Congress calling for the impeachment or worse of the president.

Further down the slippery slope was a comedienne holding a mock severed, bloodied head of the president; there were also mock depictions of the brutal stabbing murder of the president in a play in Central Park.

Locally we have Evergreen State College students calling for a day of “white absence” on campus.

Is it any wonder that someone out there with a few bolts already loose would thinks it’s OK to declare open hunting season on congressional Republicans at a softball practice?

And those on the left want to know why Republicans aren’t anxious to compromise. Get serious, people.