Letters to the Editor

Sex offenders: Convicts released pose risk

I cannot be the only one who is fed up and angry reading about the endless parade of sex offenders being released back into our communities. Their stories are the same ad nauseam with none of our so-called leaders doing anything about it.

The crimes these men have committed are the most heinous, violent acts a human being can commit on another and many of them are against children. Their deviant behavior will more than likely never change. These convicts are released back into our society, sometimes literally to the streets, to blend in with the homeless population.

Is there any wonder why kids don’t go out and play anymore? If my wife wants to go on a bike ride or a walk by herself, she has to keep pepper spray at the ready at all times. These convicts are opportunists and we have literally surrounded ourselves with predators just waiting to pounce. Why in the world are we putting up with this?