Letters to the Editor

Wealth: Have you got your million yet?

When I was in grade school some 60 years ago, our teacher told us that in our working careers we would make a million dollars. Sure enough after working for 55 years, I did make my million.

I was blessed to work steadily, mostly in the service industry. I made decent wages to start with, then progressed to what would be considered good wages. I made a million dollars and even managed to save a good portion of it.

I figure that today’s 16-to-24-year-old people, if they are frugal and diligent in their pursuits, should make 3 or maybe even 4 million dollars in their working careers.

Of course, times and conditions keep changing. As a wise woman, Ellen Glasgow, once said: “all change is not progress, as all movement is not forward.”

Sometimes I do ponder the thought that Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson is worth 84 times my lifetime earnings and Bill Gates 81,000 times my life earnings.

I guess that’s just economics, and the rich have worked so hard and are worthy of it all. Yeah, right.