Letters to the Editor

Health care: Don’t forget life support patients

As you watch your friend’s ventilator be turned off, look him in the eye and think about the life being cut short — all because of reductions to Medicaid. Expand this scenario to include the hundreds of patients living on ventilators in Washington state, and consider that none of them — figuratively or physically — can speak for themselves. Does that seem fair to you?

There are just six nursing homes in the state — four of them in Western Washington — that care for people living on ventilators. They may all be hurt significantly if expansive cuts to Medicaid are made.

Advocacy groups have already made an impact (Re: “Senate rejects broad Obamacare repeal bill”, TNT, 7/25), but terminally ill patients still need continuous support in the coming months.

Now more than ever, Washington’s elected officials should reject legislation that includes any decreases in Medicaid funding.