Letters to the Editor

Cheney Stadium: Nostalgic for old-time baseball food

Cheney Stadium: Nostalgic for old-time baseball food

Re: “New foods take the field at Cheney Stadium,” (TNT, 8/11).

Fancy eats at the Cheney ballpark is not why I go there. I go to watch and experience baseball. I find myself going there a lot less than I used to.

When my kids were small, they loved to watch the game and experience the ballpark and the fans around them. They especially looked forward to the vendor who brought the chocolate malts to them in the stands. We were left field “bleacher bums” back then, when Cheney still had bleachers.

That vendor knew my kids by name. Sometimes in the off season I’d run across him in Tacoma and we’d shake hands and say hello. The vendors who brought the hot dogs, sodas, cracker jacks, popcorn and beer were all part of the baseball experience. The fans would pass the money down the row to the vendor in the stands, and he’d pass the goodies back down the row.

Now, if I want to get a soda or a hot dog, I have to leave my seat, make everybody stand up in the row to get out, make my way to the food stand, miss a bunch of the game and fight my way back to my seat.

Ken Severe, Lakewood