Letters to the Editor

Politics: A desperate plea in form of poetry

Our nation's civic life is in a state quite critical; big banks and billionaires control all speech political.

Flaks and flunkies, alternative facts, prevarication; truth and reality have lost their honest station.

People suffer and die from lack of medicine; but taxing wealth for health is thought most grave a sin.

The poorhouse calls all and makes us slaves by debt; and what can free us from its claws? Why, only death.

Our situation is dire and oh so pitiful; depending on a Congress most hypocritical.

Bought and paid for, servile to its moneyed masters; contemptuous of constituents' disasters.

“Where comes our help?” we shout; the president is ignorant, and a lout.

Courts give corporations their cover and clout; people power's an illusion, of that there's no doubt.

Unless we come together, awake and alert; bind our wills as one, our power to assert.

We the People, the founders fondly wrote; but, people, we are nothing if we never stand and vote.