Letters to the Editor

Statues: Display them, but in proper context

What to do with the Confederate statues? Why not create emancipation museums that would contain these artifacts, as well as works of art dedicated to documenting America’s centuries-long enslavement of African Americans.

Picture a two-figure bronze of a father and son on an auction block, memorializing the actual scene as described by an eyewitness to a slave auction in 1863:

“I saw a ... boy of twelve years of age, put on the auction block, and on one side of him stood an old gray-haired negro — it was plain it was his father — and he kept his eyes on the boy, and the boy kept his eyes upon the old gray-haired man, and the tears rolled in silence down the cheeks of each.”

Not an easy scene to look upon, but very much needed, today more than ever.

We are not responsible for the sins of our fathers unless we refuse to look at them and learn from them.