Letters to the Editor

Free speech: Protect prayer as much as protests

Re: “Judges reject appeal from praying coach,” (TNT, 8/24).

How interesting that a federal appeals court ruled that a high school football coach in Bremerton took advantage of his position when he prayed on the field after games. Therefore, he will not be getting his job back.

Yet on another football field, in Seattle, a Seahawks player who is collecting millions of dollars to play the game is allowed to take advantage of his position to thumb his nose at the flag that represents the very country that gives him the right to do so.

Seems like we’ve got this backwards! If a multi-million dollar player wants to protest, that is certainly his right to do so. But it should be done on his time, not the NFL’s.

I believe we football fans would rather watch our teams pray after a game then watch a player insult our country and all the men and women who died for it.