Letters to the Editor

Pam Roach: Anti-social politician should retire

Re: “Councilwoman’s ‘rude and unprofessional behavior’ triggers ban on staff contact-again,” (TNT, 8/29).

For years we put up with Pam Roach as our state senator. Through all her outbursts (which she calls “sticking up for her constituents”), we wrote her letters, cringed at her behavior and bit our tongues.

When she was excluded from the Republican caucus, that was the end. She didn’t represent anyone. She couldn’t even vote. She single-handedly disenfranchised her entire district.

Now, in this different environment, where she’s been given a chance to redeem herself, she’s exhibiting the same anti-social, disturbing behavior that some special needs individuals exhibit. Once again, she’s blaming it on others. It’s the old “He provoked me” excuse.

It’s time to retire, Pam Roach. Face facts and do voters a favor. Don’t run again. Enjoy the rest of your life, and let someone more suited to public service run.