Letters to the Editor

Point Defiance: Age limit needed to protect kids

I am the founder of Point Defiance Park Watch Volunteer program, and have actively used the park for over 40 years. We try to keep our park safe, but certain rules can hinder progress.

A sad and atrocious example of this is the rule allowing people of all ages to be admitted to the park. I found this out when I reported five young children walking on park trails, the oldest of whom was only 12.

These children cannot defend themselves against predators who could also be present and harm them. I am reminded of the young girl killed many years ago in this park.

I believe none of us would knowingly let our young children wander in these potentially dangerous settings. I taught elementary students for 30 years and I know my students would not always be safe in the park.

We need to find out how to change this intolerable rule. Point Defiance should establish a minimum age limit for children, such as not allowing those 15 and under come unaccompanied by a responsible adult.