Letters to the Editor

Wildfires: Signs of runaway climate change

The news about wildfires blasting our state has been well documented in The News Tribune. These fires are of special concern when they are so close to home and affect national treasures, like Mount Rainier.

Of course, we know that one series of fires cannot be said definitively to have been caused by climate change. But the patterns of severe weather events increasing are impossible to deny: increased numbers of fires, greater intensity of fires, record-breaking hurricanes of historic strength hitting the opposite corner of the country, more record-breaking drought in the Midwest.

These trends all point to the undeniable momentum of global warming and its devastation.

I feel for the fire fighters risking their lives to protect homes. I feel for those who have lost homes to flooding and wind damage from hurricanes. I am tired of reading news stories of climate-related suffering and devastation.

What I would love to see now is news of climate solutions, like a carbon fee and dividend at the national level. We need to stop the denial, face this critical juncture and let the winds of change bring us clean energy, quickly.