Letters to the Editor

Immigration: Leaders must right a terrible wrong

The tragedy surrounding the DACA repeal is heart wrenching. These Dreamers have done absolutely nothing wrong. They are here because of someone else’s actions, not their own.

Living here since early childhood, they know no other country; America is their only home. These Dreamers have grown up, studied and worked here. They have served this country, bettered our communities. They are our co-workers, our friends and neighbors.

Many are mothers and fathers. We made a promise to them - “You tell us who you are. Be honest with us; we will protect your status here and we will never use this information against you.”

Turns out we lied. Cruelty, deception and betrayal are what we have given them in return for their faithfulness. We now find ourselves buried in a dreadful moral predicament.

Justice, decency and compassion require us to right this terrible wrong. And we must do it now.