Letters to the Editor

Democrats: Their agenda hollow in face of war

In the eight years of President Obama’s and the Democrats’ leadership, America was degraded. Their policy priorities were directed to global warming and related environmental issues along with social issues.

The social issues were that America needed to be diversified, that many Americans were racists and that females were suppressed.

The Democrat policies were fantasies generally concocted by politicians to create power and wealth for their party, and the science was crafted by scientists seeking funding from the government.

After eight years of delusion, the real world materializes — that is, a threat of nuclear war that could destroy America in the next few years. The past and present Democrat policies are meaningless in the face of threatened war.

North Korea and Iran will soon have the ability to reach the U.S. with nuclear missiles. Both countries are ruled by barbarians who do not value their own people’s lives and welcome war.

President Trump has to neutralize the barbarians immediately while faced with Democrats and their allies who want to destroy our president. God Help America.