Letters to the Editor

Visitor’s view: Tacoma too rich for his blood

A short letter from a visitor in town for the day. I am traveling from Washington D.C. I am driving from Portland to Seattle with a one-day stop in Tacoma.

I see a billboard advertising a state fair. I go to my hotel and log on my laptop. I look up the Washington State Fair. I find out that it is $14 per person; that’s $28 for my wife and me, plus $10 to park.

That’s $38 before one ride, one drink or anything to eat. Too expensive.

So we decided to stay in and went to a local supermarket for a couple of snacks. I find out it does not accept credit cards. In 2017!

Lastly I purchase a bottle of liquor, priced at $10.99. When the cashier told me the total was $16.07, I nearly passed out. Your liquor tax was $2.83, then another tax of $2.25.

When a person from Washington DC complains about things being too expensive, Tacoma, it should tell you something is wrong.

John McDonald, Washington D.C.