Letters to the Editor

Protests: Pampered athletes unworthy of honor

Highly paid professional athletes prove they are merely prima donnas. They have become ever more self-centered and arrogant, with inflated egos to match their inflated salaries.

First, it was the kneeling/sitting during our national anthem, as if this childish act means anything more than disrespect to those who died for the flag that wraps their pampered lives in a blanket of security.

Now, Stephen Curry, another so-called “sports hero,” has stated he may not want to visit the White House because of personal feelings about the sitting president.

Since when does the ability to shoot an NBA three-pointer make him feel he is above the privilege of having our president honor his team’s achievement?

I fully support my president stating NFL owners should fire those showing disrespect to Old Glory. And I am happy he also stated that this particular pampered athlete is not deserving of crossing the threshold of the White House.

Maybe the whole tradition of having professional championship teams honored at the White House should be discontinued altogether.

Robert Humphries, Puyallup