Letters to the Editor

Rail crossing: Gross misuse of public funds

Re: “With painful anniversaries approaching, work finally to begin at deadly rail crossing,” (TNT, Matt Driscoll column, 10/15).

As tragic as these two deaths may be, spending $350,000 to make sure people do not challenge a moving train by crossing railroad tracks is a gross misuse of resources.

There is only so much you can do to prevent people from doing dangerous things. When reasonable measures are already present (like flashing red lights, barriers down, and loud horns and bells), and people still work around them, the responsibility is on them.

If we are going to spend like this this to prevent people from making poor decisions, are we going to start putting up physical barriers or overpasses at automobile intersections?

If government has a spare $350K, put it into education, housing for homeless, equipment for first responders or food the for hungry. Something more useful for more people.