Letters to the Editor

Election: Fircrest needs Jolibois to stay

I grew up and still live in Fircrest and have deep roots in our community. I am the proud granddaughter of Roy H. Murphy Jr., who was the longtime city administrator and known to many as Mr. Fircrest.

Most residents call our community center the “rec center,” but the real name of the building is the Roy H. Murphy Community Center. My grandfather was a remarkable man and I am reminded of that every time I drive by the building that is a beacon of our community.

We are blessed to live in such a great city, and that is why I am voting to re-elect Matthew Jolibois to the City Council. He grew up in Fircrest and embodies our values, respects our history and is successfully moving our city into the 21st century.

Jolibois is the only candidate to support ending prohibition on alcohol, which has created real economic development in Fircrest. And he will ensure any improvements to the Roy H. Murphy Community Center will reflect the legacy of leadership and dedication of my amazing grandfather.