Letters to the Editor

Port: LNG plant equals danger for community

I am genuinely worried about how Puget Sound Energy’s proposed eight-million gallon, 14-story tall liquid gas tank at the Port of Tacoma will impact the community. The very fact that the city is being asked to lock in a 50-year lease for storing and burning fracked gas should give everyone pause. But there are many other concerns:

▪  The location is near the Cascadian subduction zone and is at risk for earthquakes.

▪  A gas spill could burn at 3500 degrees Fahrenheit, hot enough to melt steel up to one-half mile away, incinerating everything within a mile radius, including people.

▪  In 2016, Puget Sound Energy was held responsible for a gas explosion in Seattle. In 2014, workers were injured and 400 residents of Plymouth, Washington had to be evacuated due to a gas explosion. It is not a question of whether there will be an accident, but when.

▪  Why not support safer renewable energy, which would create jobs building those kinds of facilities? This would keep our environment cleaner, do something about climate change, and we could all worry less about devastating accidents.