Letters to the Editor

Clean water: City planning process can preserve it

Just because the waters of Puget Sound are cold doesn’t mean people are not playing in them. As a scuba diver, kayaker, sailor and polar plunger, the water quality of Commencement Bay matters to me.

Tacoma is in the bulls-eye when it comes to new and expanding fossil fuel development, and I’m worried about how this growth will impact the health of Puget Sound.

Fossil fuel industries pose many threats to water quality; leaks and spills can devastate ecosystems, while emissions contribute to sea level rise and ocean acidification.

These hazards threaten not only the recreational opportunities we all enjoy, they have negative effects on the environment and our quality of life. Clean water is critical.

By pausing the growth of such industries during the subarea planning process, the City Council will be able to move forward with an inclusive process for the future of the Tideflats, one that will keep long-term water quality in mind.