Letters to the Editor

Homeless: It's not easy for churches to help

Re: “Faith-based groups need to do more to help Tacoma battle homelessness,” (Matt Driscoll column, 11/7).

I took offense in part to your commentary on religious groups and nonprofits not taking advantage of the city ordinance modifying homelessness regulations.

Our church family has been feeding the homeless in South Tacoma on Sunday mornings for a year. It was not an easy decision. Our plan required scheduling, coverage and finances.

We are so small that almost everyone who is able participates, from 10 to 80 years old. We have permitted homeless individuals to use the church and grounds when we are present. There have been issues from time to time, but the neighborhood has generally been supportive.

Combating homelessness takes time, money and a usable physical location and notification. I don’t remember receiving information that the City Council had passed an ordinance that offered support and regulations for caring for the homeless.

If this ordinance is to be successful, people, churches and organizations need to be notified. Ignorance doesn’t breed success.