Letters to the Editor

Internet: Corporate stampede tramples our freedom

Re: “FCC plan to repeal net neutrality reignites fight,” (TNT, 11/22).

Net neutrality is an important freedom that the majority of Americans don’t even know they have. It prohibits Internet providers from blocking or slowing some websites while favoring others. Internet service providers hate this rule.

ISPs make money by charging you to use a commonly held resource: the Internet. That’s fair, because the companies incur costs and are entitled to make a profit.

But at the same time, they have what amounts to a monopoly, and a monopoly needs to be regulated.

Since our national government has careened wildly to the right this year, big ISPs see a golden opportunity to take away the power of government to rein them in. The Trump FCC is already in their pocket.

Now they want to use FCC rules to kill net neutrality at the state level as well, and they are betting that their customers won’t know what hit them.

I hope readers will ask themselves this question: When big corporations stampede, how much of our own freedom is lost in the dust?