Letters to the Editor

Tacoma: Don't stop monthly public forum

Re: “Canceling Citizens Forum is a tone deaf response that would be a mistake,” (Matt Driscoll column, TNT, 12/5).

I am so disheartened that three departing Tacoma City Council members have decided to put the notion of ceasing public forums in front of the entire council. The vote is Tuesday.

The alternative is separate district visits by council members. This idea would be excellent if it were added to the monthly public forums.

As citizens of Tacoma we must insist that we have the right to appear in front of the entire council at public forums. We deserve to be heard.

Many years ago, Dawn Lucien and I found that the Port of Tacoma Commission wasn’t welcoming to public engagement. We started “Friends of the Port.”

The short version is that by the end of our journey, port meetings were open and live streamed. The power of the citizens prevailed.

Transparency is at the heart of this issue. We must hear what other Tacomans are thinking.

Again, why are three departing council members asking for this huge change? They, along with the rest of the council, are making an important decision for three new council members and a new mayor, a month before they join the council.

Please let your council member know that you want transparency and the right of your voice to be heard.